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The Best Destinations Ilia - Achaia - Aitoloakarnanias

Kalogria Cruise


1st Point

Kalogria Beach is a popular sandy beach in the region of Ilia, Greece. It boasts crystal-clear waters and a picturesque landscape with lush greenery. The beach offers various facilities, including umbrellas, sunbeds, and beach bars, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and swimming. Additionally, Kalogria Beach is renowned for being the place where the famous Greek poet, Kostis Palamas, wrote his poem “The Twelve Lays of the Gypsy.”

2st Point


2st Point

Lakopetra Beach in Ilia, Greece is a popular expanse of sandy seashore known for its tranquil and transparent waters, making it perfect for a swim. The beach boasts a vast coastline that caters to both organized zones with sunbeds and parasols, as well as more isolated spots for those seeking privacy. Lakopetra Beach is renowned for its various beach bars providing a range of refreshments and snacks throughout the summer season. 

3rd Point


3rd Point

Patra is a city located in the region of Achaia in Greece.  Patra is a bustling urban center known for its vibrant nightlife, cultural festivals, and historical landmarks. Within the city, visitors can explore the ancient Roman Odeon theater and the imposing Castle of Patras. Additionally, Patra serves as a major transportation hub, providing easy access to other destinations within Greece and beyond.

Rio Antirrio Bridge

Rio Antirrio Bridge

4th Point

The Rio-Antirrio Bridge is a landmark cable-stayed bridge connecting the Peloponnese peninsula with mainland Greece across the Gulf of Corinth. The bridge spans a total length of about 2.9 kilometers, making it one of the longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges in the world. Its unique design and impressive engineering have made it an iconic symbol of modern Greece and an essential transportation route for the region. 

5th Point


5th Point

Kryoneri in Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece, is a beautiful destination for travelers seeking a serene and natural retreat. Located near the coastal town of Messolonghi, offers stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and sunbathing. The area is ideal for nature enthusiasts, as it provides opportunities for hiking and exploring the picturesque mountains that surround the region.

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